Sunday, 31 May 2009

First post

I don't like blogs, but creating one seemed a necessary evil, rather like Kennedy's release.

MaffewofBotchamania is down until June 4th. I uploaded 10 old Botchamanias at once using my work's kick-arse internet connection as opposed to my own, less kick-arse internet connection. However, youtube has decided Botchamania 23 is more copyright-infringing than all the others and decided to come down on my account settings duringthe uploads, making the quality awful.

I am also unable to use the 'interactive features' of youtube, which means I can't do anything other than view the image above. UH OH.

So, my third account is now up. Not due to me being physically unable to not make Botchamanias for a month ("MUST MAKE MUSIC VIDEOS!"), but it looks like my current account could be injured at any moment, rather like ... oh, I already made the Kennedy joke.

The new account is named Maffewfucksmen, seeing as my troll accounts last longer than my own accounts I decided to blend in. "I'm not Maffew, I think he's gay LOL"

The response from youtube pals has been generally "fuck you man, leave Maffew alone", which will hopefully make for a successful "if you can fool your friends, you can fool your enemies" strategy. But this blog has been created specifically to show that this account is genuine, or as genuine as an account can be with a name like that.

Given that most of my communication with fans/submitters/haters comes from youtube messages and the occasinal post on a message board, it also made sense to make a blog to have ome form of 'proper' communication with people so I can save time in answering questions and peopel can save time asking them. That's the plan anyway, and seeing as I'm on my third (fourth if you count MaffewNitro) youtube account, it shows I know as much about planning as I do about copyright law.

I have no idea how long this blog will last, but if youve got any queries bring 'em on.


  1. I'm sure about 18 million people have already said this, but I never saw it:

    Why not put Botchamania 23 on something like Dailymotion and link to it from Youtube? Could even put it on Rapidshare if necessary.

  2. I mean, most of these smaller site tend not to be bothered as much by copyrght.

  3. Which character is your favourite for use in crash team racing?

  4. where and how can i get the music you use in your vids? like narwhals, that "come on and slam" song and mainly the electric six mix from botchamania 75, it's been stuck in my head for 2 months now.