Thursday, 4 June 2009


MaffewofBotchamania has access to his account again, complete with lots of "There's some guy who's obviously not you calling himself MaffewFucksMen" messages.

I've removed the TNA production-quality videos until I can figure out what the hell happened/ have the time to upload again (I'm moving house as well as getting ready for the Download Festival on top of looking for employment so sadly Botchamania isn't my priority).

When I get the time, I will start uploading the videos on Dailymotion as well as youtube.

I finally got a copy of Botchamania 29 from TheSystemError, due to my hard drive deleting it.

Things are never dull.


  1. Why not post the original files in a torrent somewhere?

    That way we'd all have access to these excellent videos forever and ever!!

  2. Torrents would work out well. Would certainly free you up from YouTube's continuing ability to stifle what made it great at one point in time.