Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Dailymotion and your questions answered!

Youtube has a real hard on for Botchamania at the minute and isn't allowing either MaffewofBotchamania or MaffewFucksMen to upload anything, no matter what it's name or the type of file or size. Yet both accounts are still there, just unable to do much. A bit like Porky at the end of Mother 3.

So I'm using Dailymotion for the time being. Hopefully "for the time being" means "until they go bother someone else" and not "forever", as Dailymotion's restrictions are the opposite of Youtube's: Longer videos, lower quality.

Botchamania 81 on Youtube is (before it was disabled) 381 MB.
Botchamania 81 on Dailymotion is 89.2 MB

But whatever, when I get my Vimeo account sorted out this should render this post redundant.

Your questions!

Robbie Nekoda asks...
Why not put Botchamania 23 on something like Dailymotion and link to it from Youtube? Could even put it on Rapidshare if necessary.
Dailymotion and Vimeo are feasible, but rapidshare only works if you buy an account so you get unlimited downloads on your uploads. Otherwise it'd be like when I put the Botchamania OST up on Rapidshare two years ago and had to repeatedly upload it as the download limit was getting maxed out until I thought "fuck it".

Matthew, Ancient Flounder and Sean asks...
Why not post the original files in a torrent somewhere?
I know nothing about actually making a torrent, but there's enough FAQs around to make one, I guess. I still haven't fixed Botchamanias 29, 31-35 but when I do I'll try one out. I'd have to see where the best place to 'put it' would be too. I could be elitist and use XWT or PWT, but I'm sure everybody who wants to torrent them but isn't a member would disagree. One the other hand, having them on there means that there'd be some monitoring going on to ensure there's a minimum of snatchers. I'd have to ask them (XWT/PWT) first too. Any other thoughts/opinions on this? I'm naive as fuck as to what people actually want, so help me out here.

bentos316 asks...
Which character is your favourite for use in crash team racing?
Dr. Neo Cortex.

That Guy From /Wooo/ asks...
Are you going to make a tracklist for the Botchamanias?
Yes, it'll be on here in the next day or two.

If there's anymore questions, just leave a comment on here so I don't have to keep on answering the same old questions repeatedly.

Stay classy.


  1. Why don't you go back to uploading them to

    You shouldn't have any problems there.

  2. Would you consider podcasting them?

  3. First off, what a fucking joke. It's like Botchamania is cursed for how quickly it's taken down across NUMEROUS sites now. What a load of shit. I hope you can figure out SOMEWHERE to post them, as they are all awesome and deserve to be seen by all.

    Secondly, what's the name of the Botchamania font? I've been curious for a while, so I just thought I'd ask.

    Thanks so much for all your hard work and hopefully all this shit can be figured out ASAP. *thumbs up*

  4. why don't do what The8bitboy did, launch a website with all the botchamania vids

  5. So I am assuming that

    A: Now that you are posting on Vimeo, alot of your blacklisted promotions like ROH, PWG, and TNA PPVs are OK now.

    B: These questions are annoying.

  6. Maybe it's time to give Botchamanias different names based on random PPVs to confuse the Youtube nerds. Like:

    Botchaween Havok
    One Night Botch

  7. I realize you've tried a ton of different video services, but have you tried

  8. Have your tried MegaVideo or Viddler? Both services are very nice and I would consider them both better than YouTube overall except of course youtube has the larger audience.

    As for the rapidshare idea...I could help you out with that.

    I also have some other ideas for you that I would like to keep private at the moment so if you are interested in any of it, my email is

  9. Just use Megaupload or Sendspace.
    Megaupload: Files stay up nearly a year
    Sendspace: Super Easy to upload files

    On both you can set up an upload box where you can just link to the box instead of each individual file.

  10. Which Botchamania(s) has (have) the "messed-up WCW endings" segment? You know, the ones that have the lead-in with the Gunstar Heroes Stage Clear music? I can't remember any more, and it's my favorite installment in BM. I'm really just looking for the debut of the segment, but I can't remember when the other installments appeared either, so thanks for letting me know!